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Signature Group Celebrates 20yrs!

Posted by signaturegroupinc on October 30, 2009

Twenty years ago, Signature Group was established with the long-standing belief that “your corporate or brand image should be as unique as your signature.” From our humble beginnings, we developed an in-depth process to develop a foundation upon which your company could nurture and sustain a successful brand for years to come. To this day, we continue to distinguish you from your competition through consulting and creative services designed to refine your unique company identity  and marketing programs.We believe your brand image is more than your logo, brochure, web site, marketing materials or trade show display. It is the overall experience your customers have with your company, products and services, and your people. We enhance the overall “look and feel” and “culture” of a company. In short, we make you look good and help you make your own clients feel good.

Our client base has been a comfortable, unique mix of companies and disciplines:  it was a strategic decision to not limit our scope of expertise to a single industry. Our clients range from insurance, financial services, mining suppliers and education to the health care sector, exploration companies, industrial supply and investment firms. While we started out by making a lasting impression throughout Northern Ontario in the early 1990’s, it was our exposure to a wider variety of clients through trade shows across Canada, which elevated our status beyond our smaller territory to a provincial and national client base.

Currently, our ‘single-source solution’ provides convenience for clients who find themselves frustrated dealing with multiple vendors in attempts to achieve the same result . Our attention to logistical details ensures consistency in the development of your brand image and related marketing and advertising requirements.

We have also worked within the Credit Union family for the past 16 years, helping single and multiple branches further develop their business, through the implementation of new brand image and member marketing programs. This image development success elevated our status within the system, which did not go unnoticed.

Looking to align themselves with a n image and marketing firm that understood Credit Unions, Desjardins retained our services to assist them in creating the visual exposure they required to enhance their Pan-Canadian business development program. Our relationship with Desjardins quickly expanded to include many other suppliers to the Credit Union system, along with credit unions themselves.Our success continues to grow from the variety of services we provide. In 1999, we launched a Trade Show and Event Planning division.  ShowPro Trade Show & Event Management was formed to complement our image development and marketing side of the company. The move allowed us the ability to offer you the total event solution, featuring the planning and design of Conferences, Conventions, Annual General Meetings, Trade Shows and Corporate Events.

Collectively, the two entities, which are all part of Signature Group of Companies, create a powerful and value-added advantage to assist you in the design and development of your total Brand Image, Marketing and Trade Show Program. We’re always refining what we do, and we’re always creating opportunities for exposure. Just as we work to distinguish you from your competition, we also strive to be unique from ours.”

After 20 years, we’ve evolved and grown to offer a diverse, all-inclusive scope of brand image, marketing and event planning services to companies of any size. The results speak for themselves, as we’ve been recognized over the years with awards of design excellence.

Our ongoing success in “making companies look good” may be realized with repeat business and accolades by our peers, but more importantly, is a direct reflection of our creative team that understands it takes a collective effort to create and implement a great idea.

Here’s to 20 years of success, and many more.


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Posted by signaturegroupinc on October 30, 2009

Welcome to the all new Signature Group Blog. Here, you will find the latest SG news!

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